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Internal regulations
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The rules put into practice by the Private Club 'THE 'OLD' FACTORY'
must be scrupulously respected.

Therefore, the instructions and indications from our staff are to be seriously followed.

  1. The premises are only accessible to members of the Private Club upon
    presentation of a valid individual card.
    This card is only created based on the identity card.

  2. The Private Club is accessible as from 23 years.

  3. The Dress Code will be according to town clothes.
    No sports clothing style will be accepted.

  4. For security reasons the cloakroom is obligatory.

  5. Physical transportation of any arm, knife, stick and other object
    which could create damages on the premises of the Private Club
    is prohibited and seriously controlled.

  6. It is strictly prohibited to be in possession of drugs and any other
    narcotics. In case the usage or sale is discovered, the police will be
    immediately noticed.
    For security reasons, a dress control might be required from a qualified
    In case of refusal, you will be required to leave the premises.

  7. The Private Club is under permanent camera control.
    The law of december 1992 covering the privacy is applicable.

  8. Chewing gum and other introduced feeding is not acceptable.

  9. Leaving the premises with glases is forbidden.
    It is forbidden to dance on the dance floor with a glass in the hand.
    It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the premises, a private room is
    available therefore.

* * *

It is to be hoped that all available informations are regularly updated.
Theses informations are used fot personal mailling, invitations and
informations regarding future activities of the Club.

wishes you a pleasant and secured evening